Longterm inpatient drug rehab – Guide

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According to the National Libraries of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health, drug abuse affects every family and every community in some way. Easy access to street drugs, prescription drugs, and alcohol in American makes it easy for individuals to become addicted. Some people become addicted as the result of recreational use of drugs or alcohol when they are young. Children who live in homes, and in neighborhoods where alcohol and drug use is common may develop an attitude that substance use or abuse is “normal.” In some cases they may be offered substances by parents, or persons who frequent the home. Even parents who “drink responsibly” may be unaware that little “Johnny” or “Susie” may be sneaking a sip of wine when home alone. checkout these longterm inpatient drug rehab.

Adolescents often begin using substances to be fit in with their peers. What seems to be a harmless game of chugging a few beers, or smoking a “little” marijuana after a football game can turn into binge drinking. The college campus is where many young people get into the habit of drinking. In all of these circumstances, experimenting with gateway type substances like alcohol and marijuana can lead to risky behaviors such as having unprotected sex, stealing, and driving while impaired. All of these behaviors add additional baggage, such as criminal records, unwanted pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections. When substance abuse continues into adulthood, families suffer when the addicted member wastes money on drugs, or is physically, sexually, or verbally abusive.

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Unintentional Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Drug and alcohol abuse can sometimes occur as a result of misuse. A growing number of people become addicted because of reasons other than experimentation or recreational use. When adults reach middle age, they are often plagued with aches and pains that require treatment with drugs from the opiate family. These include painkillers like hydrocodone and codeine containing drugs. Not only do these medications relieve pain, but as with other substances, they also affect the pleasure center of the brain. Eventually, it takes more and more to bring pleasurable feelings, and eventually the result is addiction. In other cases, prescription drugs may be misused by older adults who take too many doses. Additionally, when they are experiencing depression or severe forms of mental illness, some people use alcohol to self-medicate. This too, leads to addiction.

Whether a person is seeking drug rehab or alcohol rehab, overcoming addiction is a process. First the individual must admit that he or she has a problem. Then a commitment must be made to address the problem. Even though it sometimes takes the intervention of family, friends, and maybe the criminal justice system to point a person toward rehabilitation, the decision to seek help must come from within.